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EKO Consultancy has been providing CQC assistance services to healthcare providers since 2015 and has assisted GP Practices, Dental Practices, Domestic Violence Units and the Vulnerable Patients Sector for CQC registrations, inspections, day to day management and compliance. Each package is tailored to the needs of the healthcare provider. The company has a 100% success rate and has supported practices to be awarded “Outstanding” on the new CQC inspection framework and supported failing practices to achieve a “Good” rating with intense support on a day to day basis for a set period of time.

CQC Registrations

CQC Registrations Package is a mandatory pre-requisite for all registered activities. Support includes:

  • New provider registration

  • Statement of Purpose

  • New Registered Manager Registration

  • Management of Policies and Procedures (Governance)

  • Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

  • Governance Document (organisation structure and governance)

  • Preparation and coaching for Registered Manager interview

A new CQC Registration is a complicated process but is an essential requirement for your business. We have the experience to process it smoothly and efficiently.

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CQC Governance

All the requirements needed for a CQC Inspection

  • Policies

  • Procedures

  • Standard Operating Protocols

  • Audit Toolkits

  • Workflow Procedures

  • HR & Finance Checklist

  • Asset and Equipment Management Logs

The CQC Inspection will be a rigorous look at all of your governance. We make sure all your policies and procedures hold up under scrutiny.

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Mock Inspections

We can provide a full on site mock compliance inspection to test your readiness and identify any risk areas

  • Full day inspection with 2 inspectors

  • Mock Feedback Session

  • Mock Report

Experience what a full inspection will be like and identify those areas that need improvement now

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CQC Training

Full training on all aspects of inspections and compliance by experienced trained individuals

  • Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE)

  • How to evidence through observation

  • How to present the practice on the day of inspection

  • All Pre-Inspection Documents (PIR)

  • Specific staff training for Administrators, Practice Managers, Dentists and Dental Nurses.

Training and education is a key part of making sure your practice is ready and enables your own staff to take ownership of the key roles

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Special Measures

Have you been placed in Special Measures? We can help you through this period and regain your status

  • Support to meet the CQC Action Plan

  • Support to meet the identified areas of concern

  • Implementing change to sustain compliance

We can guide you through this difficult process to restore your practice status and to implement sustainable change

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HR Consultancy

Managing and retaining staff and can be difficult without the proper knowledge. We can look after all your HR needs.

  • On-going support (available 24/7)

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Individual case support (disciplinaries, grievances, absence management)

We have years of experience with HR and managing staff – let us take care of it for you.

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